The Work From Home Toolkit From Our Team of Virtual Pros

blue and white text "if the shift to remote work has you down, get the #WFH glow up with this toolkit from our virtual pros."

The transition from office life to virtual work is huge. It’s not just about the change in your physical work location. Shifting from a reality where you leave your home and see colleagues in-person every day to one where your entire life happens under one roof takes some getting used to.

We know because we’ve been there. Our team members at Don’t Panic Management have a diverse set of work experience, but all of us have commuted into a workplace at one point or another. So we’ve felt the bumps in the road that come along with getting used to virtual work.

Since we have a head start on those who changed to #WFHlife suddenly in 2020, we realized we have some knowledge to share. And because we know this has been a wild year that’s left us with little free time (let alone patience) to sift through a lengthy document, we’ve boiled it down to just the essentials in a short, easy-to-digest work from home toolkit.

Want to learn the best work from home tips from the pros who know remote work inside and out? Download the Don’t Panic! #WFH Toolkit.

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