Which VA Personality Is Right for You?

which va personality type is right for you

Hiring a virtual assistant may be just what you need to get the mundane everyday tasks off your plate so that you can get back to the the highest level work of running your business. At the same time, choosing to let someone into the intimate details of your schedule, your inbox, and your business can be a daunting step!

At DPM, we hear this hesitation every day from prospective clients. How exactly does one hire somebody that you may never meet in person? Everything is online! All the usual metrics of in-person interviewing are tossed out the window! Anarchy!

Whoa. Slow down there, tiger. As we always say, Don’t Panic!

In reality, the process of finding the right VA is very similar to choosing an in-house executive assistant. At DPM, we often find that more than anything, the trick to a successful VA/client relationship is strong working chemistry. It just has to be the right fit.

So, how do you find the right VA for your particular needs? Let’s take a look at a few different VA personality traits to get you thinking about whom you could trust with the virtual keys to your company’s Ferrari.

The Squeaky-Wheeling Type-A Rule-Setter

One a scale of zero to white-knuckle, this VA has left imprints on your steering wheel. They are cautious with the power they wield and check in with you often on how you like things done, what processes you prefer, and if you have any feedback.

This VA will work hard to fit seamlessly into your existing business setup, and once established, they will become your favorite taskmaster—reminding you of tasks to be completed, requesting information they need to move forward, and proactively setting goals for you and your business to achieve success.

This type of VA is perfect if this is your first time with a virtual assistant, you are perhaps a little (or maybe a lot) nervous about bringing somebody on that you have never met in person, you like to be “in the know,” and want to keep a greater degree of control. Alternatively, this VA can be a great fit for an ADHD client who needs a little help staying on top of the next item on the to-do list. They will keep you in the loop, check in frequently, and likely send you checklists/digests/updates on the regular.

Alright, Alright, Alright

Hey, man. How’s it goin’? You good? Good.

This virtual assistant is one cool cucumber. They know what they’re doing, they have a plan, and don’t you worry because it is all getting done behind the scenes.

Want to throw something in at the last minute? Cool. No worries. They’ll say, “Yeah, ok. Got it.” And then the next time you hear from them, it will be with the completed project ready for review.

This VA isn’t so concerned with matching your business step-for-step—they have their own way of doing things and are just fine with that. They can adapt easily to last minute changes and don’t get ruffled when things go off-course.

The main difference between this virtual assistant and the SWTARS is check-in frequency. Unlike the previous VA, this one will likely communicate only when they need something, or when something has changed. That’s not to say it’s all crickets and tumbleweeds—but if you’d rather only be bothered when something needs your attention, you don’t care exactly how things get done, and you like the ability to change course at the drop of a hat—this will be the best VA personality for you.

Just a Little Off The Top, Please

The last VA category I’ll review here is what I think of as the barbershop VA. It’s all business, straight to the point, get in, get out, have a nice day. You want somebody to set your appointments? Filter your email? Type up your meeting minutes? Great, they have you covered.

This VA will be a strong fit if your business is pretty stable, you don’t have too many sudden changes in plans, and you’re not looking for someone to enact huge changes in your business trajectory or make a lot of rules. You just want a little off the top, please and thank you.

While you want a VA that is perfectly pleasant to work with, maybe you’re not looking for a business or productivity makeover. You just want a capable person to manage some tasks and declutter your professional life without any fuss or trumpets heralding great change. That’s fine! Sometimes maintaining status quo is in the best interest of your business, and this is the perfect VA for that job.

Of course, not all virtual assistants will fit into one of these three neat little boxes. But as you read the above, maybe you identified more closely which personality and working relationship you’re looking for?

Finding the perfect fit for your business is what matters, so do some soul searching on what you need and want out of your virtual assistant relationship—then reach out to us! We’re happy to help you find that perfect fit.

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