Tools, Tips, and Treats for Living the VA Life [July 2019]

VA Tips, Tricks July 2019

Ahhhhh, we are in the highest heat of summer and I am refusing to go outside and my garden looks more like a post-apocalyptic jungle than a sweet, cool meadow and how soon can I start wearing a cardigan again?

At least my home is air-conditioned and the lack-of-gardening has allowed me to find the latest tips, tricks, and treats to keep you in the know without doing all the digging yourself. Enjoy!

(Also, hey! School starts next month so let’s hear it for getting a regular routine back in order!)


Productivity Pick-Me-Ups

Could Ancient Greek Philosophy Help You Work Smarter and Better? (New York Times)

In this day and age, there are a bazillion ways to figure out your personality type (INFJ represent), and this idea of personality types date back to Ancient Greece to help explain the why and how people are. This article provides some excellent insight into these four types, how they work, and how to work with them.


20 best time management apps to maximize your productivity in 2019 (DeskTime)

There are a lot of tools on the list that we work with here at Don’t Panic Management and quite a few new-to-me ones, too.

Now, please excuse me as I download one of these and get multiple notes off my email, amen.


Productive Procrastination: How to Get Things Done by Putting Off Other Things (Zapier)

Bless my little procrastination heart, this article title gave me flutters.

I nodded and nodded and yep’d my way through this article. Here’s my favorite quote—which, for me, is the absolute truth:

Structured procrastination is the art of making this bad trait work for you.

Remote Work Revolution

Making Joy a Priority at Work (Harvard Business Review)

Virtual assistants may not work in an official office setting, but that doesn’t mean this article isn’t worth reading. Finding joy in what you dono matter where and how you do itis intrinsic to the longevity of your career.


More people are working from home than ever before, but a hidden drawback can keep them from getting promoted (Business Insider)

“… New research finds, many remote employees work harder than in-office employees for the same benefits and promotions. “

Yeah. Been there, done that, can testify. Read the full article for the tips so that you’re not that statistic.

6 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation and Brand (The Next Scoop)

What works for big companies also applies to your one-personed shop.


Marketing Mischief

Eight Daily Priorities For Every Marketer (Forbes)

Make sure you’re on top of your game and every campaigning you’re running. Here’s a quick list to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business (Zapier)

The type of business you are working with greatly narrows down the field of the best way to market them and on which social media channel(s).

This is a great guide to use not only to get the basics but also to understand user engagement, target audience, and automation posting.


8 Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back From Success (Influencive)

Many people thinking marketing is a bunch of playing on your phone and not actual real work. This post shares some proof that they are wrong, and what to consider when you’re designing a strategic marketing campaign and not fall into a false sense of security.

Just For Fun

Move Over, Einstein! ‘Cameleon’ Theory Provides Alternative Explanation for Cosmos Formation (

Interesting, but not nearly fleshed-out enough to convince me that this is an alternative to M-theory. But on a basic level sounds more plausible, to me, than Loop Quantum Gravity. I’d like to hear how the Cameleon Theory integrates Supersymmetry into the mix.

And now you know what my family and I talk about at the dinner table.


This Photographer Asks Elderly Couples To Pose For Engagement-Style Photos (HuffPost)

Ahhh, this is so sweet and hopeful.

And makes me feel good that, after all these years, I haven’t hit my husband over the head with a frying pan yet.


Apple Reveals 20 of 59 Great New Emoji Including One You’re Going To Use Non-Stop (Forbes)

Guess I’ve been living under a rock and never realized how badly a stick of butter emoji was needed? But in any case, gimme all the sloths!


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