So What’s a Queen of Content, Anyway?

what's a content queen, anyway

For many people, summer is a breath of fresh air, a walk on the beach, a barbecue pit filled with delicious meats.

Here at Don’t Panic Management, summer is unexpected road trips, best friends’ weddings, baby’s first birthday, European vacations, and a slew of new business that has opened the doors to new opportunities.

To say that we’re “relaxed” over here isn’t quite the case, but that doesn’t mean we’re not happily making progress. We are developing processes, fine-tuning communications, and making our workflow as efficient as possible so we can work not harder, but smarter.

And aside from the schedule management, travel booking, coordination, and communications—we have developed an extremely strong content marketing and social media arm that helps drive digital marketing strategies for our clients.

We are proud to write and produce content on all sorts of platforms, for all kinds of publications, and for many different voices and styles. We truly understand and preach the value of content marketing—that it’s paramount to leaving your brand’s mark in the digital world.

Now, in order for Don’t Panic Management to grow, it’s time to prioritize our own internal content marketing strategy. Who are we, really? Who are you, our audience? What can we provide that’s unique to our skills and knowledge?

That’s where Jaime Hanson has stepped in. Starting September 1st, Jaime Hanson will be our full-time Queen of Content. And we could not be more excited!

Many of our clients already know Jaime—and you may have seen her writing on our blog—but as she steps into this new role, I’ve asked Jaime to share a little bit about herself and how she sees the growing role of content at DPM.

Practicing What We Preach

As Jess mentioned, among the various work we do for clients at DPM, we handle a LOT of content marketing. Blog writing. Editorial management. Podcasting. Social media drafting and scheduling and engagement. You could say we live and breathe content.

But what’s that old adage about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot? Well, you could say it’s time we put our shoes on.

When it comes to our internal marketing strategy, we have to practice what we preach by putting content at the forefront. The Don’t Panic Blog, social media channels, maybe a podcast? Expect some changes in all these areas in the coming months as we bring our own content strategy up to the same standards we maintain for our clients.

As the Queen of Content, it’s my responsibility to own this arm of our business and build out our long-term content strategy into something that inspires current and prospective clients alike.

Content marketing is important. It makes tremendous impact on the trajectory of businesses. We know this to be true. We’ve seen it. We’ve helped other businesses achieve it. And we intend to live it out.

Leading a Rock Star Team

When I started out around here as a part-time contractor, we had a short (but awesome) list of content clients, and just a few freelance writers.

How our team has grown since then! In total, we’ll deliver over 30,000 words of content in the month of September alone. Jess has already hired three new writers in the last four months, and we have new ones joining in all the time to keep up with the demand. Let me tell you—our standards are high, and this team is incredible!

With this kind of volume, we’re looking for new ways to systemize our writing processes to make sure that as we grow, we maintain the same stellar content quality our current clients already enjoy.

Learning how to cultivate clear messages, differentiate brand voices, and deliver standardized yet creative and innovative content week after week? It’s a challenge even for the best of writers.

My job is to train our writing team, provide quality assurance for each and every piece as it goes out, and mostly just tell these writers how awesome they are. (Katie, Heather, and Elise—you are each a joy to work with. I’m humbled and thrilled to write with you!)

Delivering Top Quality Content

To my long-standing personal clients, know that nothing will be changing for you. I’ll still be ghostwriting, editorial managing, and social media-ing for the same awesome folks, plus a few more—all while ensuring that each and every one of our clients receive the same standard level of top-quality service.

Of course, no company invests in a content marketing strategy without an end goal—DPM included. As Jess mentioned, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks and months. Just you wait!

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Jess Tyson, CEO & Director of Calm

Jess is the founder and proud Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management. (And yes, she invented that title because that’s what you do when you’re the boss!) She wrote the book on how building a successful relationship with a virtual assistant can make all the difference in helping business owners get to the next level. Her life is often a whirlwind of wrangling her toddler, speaking at conferences (virtual and beyond!), researching productivity hacks, and meticulously making matches between overworked entrepreneurs and focused virtual assistants. Jess's first book, Panic Proof: How the Right Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Sanity and Grow Your Business is available now:

  • Current location: Redding, CT
  • Go-to Karaoke song: “Hand in My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette
  • Favorite kind of cheese: Aged Goat Gouda
  • Beverage of choice: Champagne
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Superpower: Delivering miracles, especially when all hope is lost.

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