5 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content

repurpose your webinar content

A lot of businesses spend weeks securing panelists for a webinar, creating the assets, promoting the event, and then—finally—presenting it.

But what happens afterward?

The recording disappears into the shadows of the internet to wither away.

The success of your webinar doesn’t live and die by the 60 minutes you spend live online. Repurpose webinar content with these five assets that have the power to boost your lead generation efforts, build your audience, and advance your revenue streams. Who knew a single webinar could do so much? (We did. And that’s why we’re sharing this list with you!)

1. Gate Your Recording

After you host a webinar, what do you do with the recording? Most businesses email it out to the people who attended (What do they need with it? They heard it the first time!) or send it to people who registered but didn’t attend.

That’s all fine and good, but what’s with the “you snooze, you lose” policy? Unless your webinar content was highly time-sensitive, that information is going to be useful to other audiences and prospective customers who simply haven’t found you yet!

After your webinar, don’t take down the landing page. Don’t stop promoting the event. Gate the recording, and periodically share it on your social media channels and website to keep your lead gen efforts alive.

2. Atomize the Content into eBooks, Blog Posts, or Infographics

You can read about atomized content all over the internet. As Jay Baer puts it, atomization helps you “create an array of info snacks that you can sprinkle across the Web.”

Pull out the best pieces and parts from your webinar and turn them into different pieces of content you can share with your audience. If there was a 10-minute section of your deck that was a particularly interesting or niche point, turn it into a series of blog posts. Did you share some really punchy data? It would probably make a great infographic. With atomization, your options are seriously endless.

3. Build an Online Course

If your webinar is part of a greater series of information or messaging that you think your audience needs to hear, consider combining it all together into an online course. It’s kind of like atomization, but in reverse: Take all these little snacks of information you’ve been collecting, and turn them into one large revenue stream that shares your one-of-a-kind top secret knowledge with inquiring minds.

The best part about online courses is they can include all kinds of different media—which means your webinar doesn’t have to change much (or at all) to be included as a part of it. Just remember: if you expect people to pay for something, there should be an awesome value add involved. Make sure the course gives away exclusive information customers can’t find simply by watching the webinar or reading your blog.

4. Create a Speaking Deck

Webinars serve as a great stomping ground for testing new content. When you presented your deck, what did your engagement analytics look like? If you held your audience’s rapt attention the entire time, or if they followed up with quite a few questions and discussions at the end, consider taking this party offline.

If your content works online for 80 people, imagine how well it will work in person for 300 at your next big industry conference. Use the audio and slides from your webinar to create and pitch a speaking presentation.

5. Film a Series of Videos

Take it from ya girl Jess Ostroff, the future of video marketing lies in a short form format. Use the transcript from your webinar to pull out short snippets of particularly helpful information. From those scripts, film little 90-second videos that you can share on your website, YouTube, and social channels to promote the larger webinar (and, ultimately, your business).

Stop treating your webinar like Hollywood treats child stars. There is life after puberty your online event. Repurpose your webinar to create a library of assets you can use time and time again to generate leads and revenue for years to come.

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