The 5 Simplest Ways to Repurpose Your Content Marketing


Once, when I was stuck in a rut during a creative writing class, I said, “I feel like I’m a broken record, just saying the same thing over and over.”

Fortunately, I eventually learned that yes, I had a common theme that ran through my work, but it was presented in creative and unique ways each time. It made sense because that’s my brand, my thing, my expertise.

This is exactly how you should approach your content marketing. You too are creating content that encompasses your brand and expertise, but you’re also busy running your business. By repurposing your already-created content, you can get more out of the work you have already done — without sounding like a broken record. 

Try using one of these 5 repurposing ideas so you can get back to growing your business.

1. Take a series of blog posts and turn them into an ebook.

This is a great one. Not only will you get the series done on your blog, but you will create a piece of value that you can use on landing pages or for newsletter sign ups. You will be happy to have such a robust, flexible piece.

2. Create a Slideshare from your content.

If you haven’t used Slideshare, you’re in for a treat. It’s simple! By taking the most visually appealing pieces from your blog posts (or ebooks) and turning them into a Keynote or Powerpoint slideshow, you can simply upload the file to your shiny new Slideshare account. Since Slideshare was acquired by LinkedIn, its reach and visibility are huge. You have an audience and share buttons included, which makes it easy for your content marketing to go viral.

3. Create a newsletter from your social posts.

Are you curating third-party articles to share with your audience? Go ahead and use those articles to make a compilation newsletter. You’ve already spent the time finding the information and sharing it, though not every follower saw every single post. This a great opportunity to share the best content in newsletter form right to your audience’s inbox.

4. Turn a list blog post into a series of social messages.

Have you ever written a piece of content that lists out digestible advice or tips (like the one you’re reading now)? A blog post that lists helpful steps for readers easily converts into a series of social posts. Use your list to create updates that give your audience one tip at a time.

5. Compile an evergreen list.

When you write a piece of content that you know can stand the test of time, tag it as Evergreen. Then you can add it to your social calendar to save for the times when you have gotten so busy that you can’t even think of creating new content. You can change up the social messages that go with your evergreen blog or simply say, from the archives or in case you missed it.

We know you are already busy with your business tasks like generating sales and leading teams. Don’t let your content marketing efforts bog you down. Take a minute and set one (or all!) of these up today and get more from the work you are already doing. Repurposing content both increases the shelf life of the work you spent precious time on and frees up extra hours down the line to keep moving forward.

I’m off to go repurpose this post into a Slideshare.

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