Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Living the VA Life [February 2019]

VA Tips, Tricks February 2019

While January felt like an entire year, February has flown by. Whether you were loving on your partner or on your 2019 self-love resolution grind, it’s time to show a little extra love to your VA hustle!

Productivity Pick-Me-Ups

This Color-Coding Productivity Technique Will Help You Separate Time Killers From Legacy Makers (Forbes)

Proving 91 percent effective, this productivity hack gives you an excuse to keep those markers out even after you’ve finished decorating your valentines. Productivity plus coloring equals a win in my book.

Music and Its Effect on Productivity (Business News Daily)

Many claim music improves their focus; others find it distracting. Here’s an interesting look behind the science of what genres of music will help with productivity and what tasks are best suited for pumping up the jams.


Remote Work Revolution

5 Super Sites for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads (Mud)

Digital nomads, unite! Here are a few great resources to dive into the remote-working community outside of your own company. Get advice from your elders on everything from job opportunities to where you can find the best wi-fi and cleanest bathrooms while abroad…no one wants to learn that the hard way.

Netiquette And Networking: Professionalism As A Virtual Worker (Forbes)

While working in your PJ’s is a major perk of the job; keeping a level of professionalism with your clients is still crucial from afar. Let’s try to keep the Fruit Loops out of frame for that video conference.


Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work Report (Buffer)

Perfect timing… Buffer just released its annual State of Remote Work report! We always love this report because it shows what our fellow remote workers are up to. And while some of the results are, well, less than surprising (of COURSE I love having a flexible schedule), others are eye-opening (is anyone really using their unlimited vacations?).

Marketing Mischief

5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2019 (Practical Ecommerce)

February is known to be a month of love and engagement. Looking ahead, what better way to engage your audience than by connecting your brand to things they love? Here’s to keeping it relevant and relatable in March!

Let’s Use Data Science to Overcome Content Fatigue (The Drum)

Audience playing hard to get? One of the best ways to build that emotional connection is by using data science to your advantage! It’s more romantic than it sounds, we promise.

Just For Fun

Cereal-Box Games for Adults (The New Yorker)

Adulting CAN be fun! If you read anything today, let it be this. Raise your hand if this is your ex? (Raises hand)

8 Ways a Hobby Makes You Better at Your Day Job (Entrepreneur)

Get a life! Your job will thank you.

50 Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside During Winter (Wise Bread)

As much as I love skipping the commute through the frigid winter months, it’s easy to go a little stir crazy while cooped up as a VA. Should you complete all 50 on this list, please do let us know. Indoor fort, anyone?

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