You do the talking, we'll do the rest.

Justin Wise

"There is nothing Don't Panic Management can't do. I started by asking them, 'Can you produce my podcast?' DONE. Then I said, 'Can we add on Facebook social media services?' YES! 'What about having someone help me organize and create processes for my company?' OF COURSE! They continue to make my business better every single day.”
Justin Wise, Think Digital


"When I was launching my podcast, I hired DPM to help me go from recordings to produced, published podcast. The team did all the heavy lifting and it was so smooth and made my life so much easier.”
Holly Hester-Reilly - H2R Product Science


"Alejandra and DPM have been very helpful in keeping the TD Fitness podcast going (and in holding me accountable!) from week to week. You provide a quality service.”
Terence Taylor - TD Fitness

The complete suite of podcast production services.


Looking for comparable podcasts? Need help finding guests? We've got you covered!

Audio Editing

Our assistants are experts in a wide range of audio editing software to help you and your guest sound your best!

Video Production

Give your audience a face to match the voice. You provide the images, we'll splice it together and utilize your preferred platform's (YouTube? Facebook?) features to drive traffic.

Guest Tracking & Management

From cold emailing to scheduling, we track it all!

Audio Transcripts

We'll work with (or recommend) your preferred transcription service to make sure your transcripts arrive correct and on time!

Podcast Hosting & Uploading

Our VAs are experts in the best known podcast hosting platforms. You tell us which one you prefer, we'll do the rest!

Production Schedule

Need someone to flesh out your podcast production schedule and hold you accountable? We do that, too! Your success is our success.

Show Notes

Need some help with show notes? Just ask! Have no idea what to even put in your show notes? Don't Panic! We do.

Content & Promotion

Need some more help with digital assets or social promotion? We're here to help!

We handle your podcast QA so you can focus on the Q&A.

There’s a reason why many popular podcasts feature interviews: You can only get so far by talking to yourself! We’ll take the stress of coordinating timing with podcasts guests, getting the details on your (and their!) calendar, and sending them all the details they need to be a valuable guest. All you’ll need to do is show up with great interview questions to make each episode a smashing success!

Podcast Production

You do the talking, we do the rest.

From Start...

We’ll take the stress of a production schedule and coordinating timing with podcasts guests, getting the details on your (and their!) calendar, and sending them all the details they need to be a valuable guest. All you’ll need to do is show up with great ideas and, if applicable, great interview questions to make each episode a smashing success!

To Finish.

When it comes to the tech and promotion side of things, we definitely have you covered. We’ll cut out unnecessary pauses, screw-ups, and background noise as much as possible, and smoothly put together the pieces of your podcast pie to make your audience’s listening experience a breeze.

Want to get to know us better first?

We're a mighty team of virtual assistants that kick tasks and take names.

Don't just take it from us...

Laura Click Headshot

"I can't recommend Don't Panic Management enough! Jess and her team are true professionals and they will make your business look fantastic. The DPM team expertly functioned to fill some important gaps and extend our bandwidth. I trust them implicitly and would hire them again in a heartbeat!"
Laura Click, Blue Kite Marketing


"Getting set up with our assistant was seamless - she jumped right into our project management system and was able to start assisting with moving projects forward during week one. DPM was proactive, would make sure we were passing off projects each week, and did a great job of supporting other team members when my plate was too full to hand anything over.”
Kane Jamison - Content Harmony


All pricing is based on ~30-minute episodes. Get in touch for a more custom quote based on your particular podcast needs!


Starting at $120
  • Researching the competition.
  • Tracking & outreach to potential guests.
  • Guest scheduling and management.
  • Just starting and need to get your ducks in a row? We're here for that!


Starting at $180
  • Audio edits that make you and you guest sound your best.
  • Transcript ordering management.
  • Upload, schedule, and publish... like magic!
  • Just need someone to manage tech side of things? Our VAs are ready!


Starting at $240
  • Digital asset creation that is on brand and on time.
  • Social scheduling with your authentic voice and flair.
  • Email marketing that pushes your new podcast episode right to your audience's inboxes.
  • Need a hand pushing things out to your current and potential audiences? Let us handle that.

Entire Dang Thing!

Starting at $320
  • Need help start to finish? This is what you want. From research all the way through promotion, our VAs can handle it so YOU can handle YOUR business.

Ready to get started?

We are too! Let's schedule a discovery session to talk more about how our packages can be customized to your needs.


We get asked a couple of common questions about this service. If you have more questions, visit our FAQ or reach out.

So, how does this work?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a single freelancer with a pretty varied skill set (like audio editing for your podcast, calendar management for your meeting schedule, and blog writing to boot) you may be coming up blank. At Don't Panic Management, we have developed a proven process that matches you with a virtual assistant (or assistants) who specialize in the skills you need for a fraction of the cost of hiring for each individual skill yourself. After a brief Discovery Call to get a feel for which job tasks you need help with, what your preferences are, and how you like to work, we’ll connect you with one or more experts on our team to make sure all your bases are covered.

Looking for more information on podcasting? Get started here!

What if I need to add services to my contract?

We love that! The first step is to hop on a quick phone call to flesh out the type of work you’d like to add on, and we’ll work to either get your current assistant on board or to add a new assistant to your team if your current one doesn’t have the skills required to meet your new needs. If multiple assistants are assigned to your contract, they will work in conjunction with one another behind the scenes. Our full-time team will manage all processes between the two and provide you with a single point of contact so that you don’t need to worry about adding more stress to your plate!

Are you a seasoned pro at podcasting, but find your motivation waning? Let's get your momentum back up!