Is It Time for You to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Is it time to hire a VA probably

One of my favorite mantras is, “It takes a village.”

I started saying it daily when I blinked and found I was a working mother with three children. These timeless words made it okay to need other people.

Truth be told, everyone needs help. No one can grow as an island (or a rock… sorry Simon and Garfunkel). And as you go along in life and business, sometimes you find you need a bigger village.

Check out the business scenarios below. If you can related to any of them, expanding your village by hiring a virtual assistant may be the answer for you.

I know I need help, but I don’t have the resources for a full-time hire right now.

Or, you may not actually need a full-time hire yet. A virtual assistant may be the extra set of hands you are looking for. By bringing someone on for specific tasks, you can control how many hours you need an assistant to work and specifically what tasks to give them. It takes items off your plate without a large investment of time or resources.

My schedule is a mess and takes so much of my time.

A VA can act as a concierge by keeping your schedule clean and up to date. Sending reminders to you and your clients and colleagues ensures everyone comes to the table ready to work. Calmly coordinating will save you time and set the meeting up for success. It won’t take a lot of time on their part, but it will drastically improve your productivity and bring a sense of calm to your workflow.

I have a content marketing and social strategy but no time to execute it.

Have no fear. The right virtual assistant can be the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. From copywriting to blogging to tweet writing, you can have a community manager keeping your company visible and your strategy on task.

I know I need a digital marketing strategy, but I don’t know where to start.

A strong social media launch will save you so much time and worry. A virtual assistant can help you get there. A good VA will analyze your operations, target audience and goals to present a plan that will create impact. They can efficiently present you with the knowledge and tools to build and maintain a strong media presence. And if you don’t have time to execute it, see the scenario above.

Project Management is taking up too much of my time.

Do you know where you want the team to go, but there is no time to manage it yourself? Are pieces falling through the cracks because you are unable to put the time into following up and connecting the dots? So many of us have been there; you are not alone!

A virtual assistant can be your saving grace. Bring one in to keep everyone informed, from the technical staff to the C-Suite. With a clear channel of communication, your project will be completed on time, with excellence, and just as important – off your plate.

This ongoing task on my to-do list almost never gets crossed off.

Are you seeing the same task on your to-do list being neglected over and over again? Is this task something you know would move you ahead but you still can’t find time for? Or perhaps it’s simply a job you don’t enjoy doing so the motivation isn’t there? This is a perfect time to bring in someone new. They can help your to-do list become to-done!

It does take a village, whether you are raising a child or your business is your child. If any of the above scenarios resonated with you, remember no one is an island. It may be time to swim to the mainland and seek help.

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