How to Use a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Life

Use a VA to Manage Your Life

Have you ever wondered if there might be some unknown way to finish all the things in a day/week/month that you need to finish? Do you find yourself exclaiming “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” with mild frequency? Have you ever wished for a magic wand?

I know the answer to at least one of these questions is YES. So let me cut to the chase: You could use a virtual assistant!

“Now hold on a minute!” you say. “I don’t know how to use a virtual assistant – I wouldn’t even know where to begin!” you say. “Would a virtual assistant even have the particular skills needed to help me with my ultra-specific tasks and lifestyle?”

The truth is – especially in this digital age – there is someone out there with the skills to help you check off miscellaneous tasks, get organized, and stay efficient, so that you can stop using your free time to play catch up, and start using it to, well, be free. And that “someone” is a good virtual assistant (VA).

I’ve broken down the 6 most important skills any VA worth his or her salt has to offer and how tapping into these skills and communicating your needs can help you to seriously take back control of your work/life balance.


Arguably the most important skill any VA possesses is organization. This needs little explanation. A top priority for any VA will always be to help you keep track of all your various to-do’s, whether that means meetings, phone calls, tasks, deadlines, or any combination thereof. A great VA will come to you with a wealth of tools, tips and resources to help keep your tasks in check.


A great VA is a great oral and written communicator. Whether speaking with you on the phone for a weekly check-in call, managing your inbox and responding to pertinent emails, or liaising between yourself and all the various people you spend so much time interacting with, a VA will work to acutely understand your relationships and develop the ability to follow-up and plan for you.

Attention to Detail

Does your line of work require a certain degree of specific knowledge or expertise? If so, perhaps you feel it would be difficult to trust a virtual assistant with much more than a virtual coffee run. However, a great VA will take the time to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Virtual assistants want to know the intimate details of your field because it makes their jobs easier, as well. A good VA is a detail-oriented VA!


Many of us are too familiar with the distracting nature of a day full of pop-up notifications, text messages, phone calls, last-minute meetings, fire drills, microwave timers, et cetera. A VA is a focused person who also wants to help you focus. Allow a VA to take on some of your transient daily tasks so that you can have the time and headspace to focus on bigger projects.

Time Management

Whether you’re a CEO, working parent, traveling business person, entrepreneur, artist, or work-from-home whiz, punctuality and time management are essential to maintaining relationships. Allow a VA to make your schedule more efficient by setting up notifications, reminding you when you have a call, or building little buffers into your calendar. Your VA can even book a flight for you, or remind you that your car is arriving!


A huge part of a VA’s job is simply to understand you and your needs. Once you’ve developed a rhythm with your VA, you may be surprised by his or her ability to intuit exactly what you want to do or say in terms of scheduling an event, responding to a request, or checking off an action item – without even pestering you first. Trust that your VA truly enjoys knowing your preferences and making your life easier!

If you feel you could use more organization, communication, attention to detail, focus, time management, or intuition (or any combination of these things) in managing your work life, it is high time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

I guarantee, the decision will be virtually impossible to regret!

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