4 Ways to Help Your Social Posts Win ‘Best Personality’

4 ways to help your social posts win best personality

I am not a shy person. Never really have been. But for some reason when I took my career from direct marketing to the social marketing arena, it was like I immediately lost all confidence in what I was saying.

Maybe it was the immediacy of the reactions I could get. With direct mail, I wasn’t there when you opened it. But social media can have an instant impact and I had heard one too many horror stories.

But then I got brave. I couldn’t afford to be shy for our clients and none of them had the word “boring” in their brand voice list of attributes. I put on thicker skin and got to work with these 4 strategies to help every post win “Best Personality.”

Try these 4 tips to inject some personality into your brand voice.

Talk to a Friend

Friends help friends, right? That’s what you’re doing when you share your content, product, or service with the right audience. Try wording your post like you would talk to a friend instead of how you would talk to a perfect stranger.

Action: Use this type of friendly copy to welcome new followers into your community. It will immediately give you a personal touch and they will be grateful for the reach out.

Find Your Humor

My husband laughs at me when I laugh at my own jokes. But hey, I wouldn’t tell the joke if I didn’t think it was funny. Go ahead and make your audience laugh. But remember to ensure your humor has the right level of sophistication for your brand voice. Maybe knock knock jokes could work for a dentist office attracting families, but tactful wit might be more appropriate for an accounting firm.

Action: Decide on the level of humor you want to share with your audience. Start adding those posts on the weekends to gauge your audience’s reaction.

Find a Cause

Give your company a cause they can follow and support. Not only will you be contributing to the greater good, it will give you the opportunity to show your true colors outside of your product or service. The casual and caring side of your brand voice can shine here.

Action: Pull your team together and find a cause you could all support.* Work your activity into your social media marketing mix and use it as an opportunity to add personality to your company.

Include Your Team

Get your team excited about following your social channels and sharing the posts as well by highlighting and praising the work they are doing. When we post a social message that involves the team and makes them laugh, they want to pass it along to their audiences. Everybody wins!

Action: Practice writing a series of messages that would encourage your team, as well as promote your brand. Here’s an example from our archives that got the entire team engaged.

“Happy Labor Day from Team Don’t Panic. Enjoy your day off. If you aren’t taking it … maybe you need a virtual assistant ;)”

Apply these strategies and actionable tips, and your posts will be up for ‘Best Personality,’ too.

Me? I’m going for Prom Queen.

*Here’s one … Just saying.

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