Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online

where to look for a va job online

In September of 2015, I became acquainted with a friend who happened to be a full-time virtual assistant contracted through Don’t Panic. Like her, I found myself tired of waiting out an 8-5 job, exceeding expected delivery times on tasks and tired of making myself look “busy” until 5:00 pm. Also like her, I found myself struggling with the likelihood of a move and an unknown future. The possibility of working for myself, on my own time, and wherever a move might take me was incredibly appealing.

I reached out to Don’t Panic about taking on some of their VA jobs, and since then, I have enjoyed the incredible perks that come with this line of work.

Networking with a virtual company can be tough. The odds of finding a member of a virtual assistant agency on your street or even in your city are slim. Plus, you never know whether you’ll be able to make enough money as a virtual assistant to survive. So, how do you find a VA gig? There are plenty of job resources available—if you know where to look. Here are some of the best places to find a virtual assistant job online.

Apply Directly to Virtual Assistant Companies

If the day-to-day of running your own business overwhelms you, it’s possible to work as a virtual assistant through a company that makes the job easier than ever. Some virtual assistant companies serve as a job board for matchmaking with clients while others go as far as handling invoices and payment for you. If you’re just getting started, having a company to back you up might be the perfect fit.

Belay Solutions

Belay contracts virtual assistants, virtual bookkeepers, content writers, and webmasters. Why name the company Belay? A belay is a means of supporting a climber so that they can continue safely without falling. This company empowers VAs to support clients’ proverbial climbs. What makes them stand out? The company’s core values are based around Biblical principals (although employees do not have to believe in God or the Bible to work at the company).


CloudPeeps is a platform, marketplace, and community that enables freelancers to manage and grow their business (read: find that next client). If you’re experienced in SEO, digital marketing, and/or web design, CloudPeeps might be the perfect place to get connected with your first-ever roster of clients!


Freelancer.com has more than 12,000,000 jobs posted to date. Their method is simple: Create an account, browse posted job listings, and place a bid for those that make the cut. If the client thinks you’re a good fit, they will take you on for the job.


Upwork is one of the most diversified freelance companies online. Not only do they contract virtual assistants, but also web developers, mobile developers, designers and creatives writers, customer service agents, sales and marketing experts, accountants, and consultants. There is room to grow and learn whether you remain a VA or expand into different career opportunities.


Zirtual specializes in helping clients with both professional and personal life tasks—aka virtual assistant work—from managing inboxes and expenses to scheduling or planning travel. They offer the whole range of VA services. If this is great news for you, head over to their job listing page and see if any positions could be a good fit.

If none of these agencies seem to be the right way to start your VA career, don’t panic! The list goes on and on.

Get Connected Through Social Media

Social media channels offer a surprisingly large number of opportunities for connections between virtual assistants and clients.


Some VAs are able to find a gig through Craigslist. In this setting, you can work directly with the client, no middle-man. If you’re interested in taking this route, consider saving your searches and receiving alerts in your email for new positions that meet your search criteria.


Whether or not you claim to be a Twitter fan, it’s a channel that is loaded with possibilities for finding jobs as a VA. To name a few: @VAssistant, #virtualassistant, #VAtips, #VAlife, and #virtualassistants are frequented by assistants and potential clients alike.

For ideas on how to best promote yourself to clients, check out @VA_Celebrity, @AlisonCooperVA, and @BeMyVA.

Job search aside, pay close attention to the articles with tips and tricks on how to be a successful VA. Although these are not job listings, they will help you nail your pitching process and new role! What use is it to apply for a job only to be unprepared for said job?


There are a variety of Facebook groups dedicated solely to connecting assistants with clients.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Pay It Forward
When Holly Moran set out to find a VA job, she adjusted her preferences in Craigslist so that she would receive VA job posts through email. After creating her own VA company, she still had jobs pouring into her email. She decided to help other VAs searching for jobs by sharing job listings on this FB group. Request to join to receive up-to-date job listings too.

Virtual Assistant Jobs
This Facebook group is also created to share any information about VA job openings and networking. The Admins of the page keep clear guidelines and monitor the group to keep it as helpful and SPAM-free as possible.

Virtual Assistant Services, Careers, and Jobs
If you’re looking for a collection of job listings that is more centered around International VAs, check out this FB group! They host international meetups, job fairs, and share information on courses to advance your VA career.


Looking for a place to find employees searching for VAs and to see what other VAs are charging and delivering? LinkedIn Jobs Search is geared to connect job seekers with potential employers or clients.

Frequent the Traditional Job Boards

If you’re looking for remote work of any kind, you have probably already sifted through traditional job boards to find the perfect position. But in case you haven’t, I have your back!

If you want to become a virtual assistant, you’ll need one thing to get started: clients. Whether you get connected with an agency who can help you network or you decide to find your perfect business matches on your own, the right virtual assistant job is out there waiting for you. You only have to find it!

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