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Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all those back-to-back meetings?

Ever wonder how you’re going to find time to get to the business initiatives you’ve planned to accomplish this quarter?

Experiencing anxiety before even opening your calendar each week?

Do you feel like you’re ready to hire an assistant, but you don’t know where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, your first step to freedom from the time constraints that have been holding you and your business back from reaching your full potential is our Panic Proof Blueprint.

The main goal of this hands-on Blueprint is to provide you with a step-by-step plan to delegate, automate, and relegate all the things you’re doing now which you’re not uniquely qualified to do.

If you know you need help but you can’t figure out what to get help with, this is your key!


Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

  • Watch the introduction video, download your first resources, and book your 30-minute analysis session
  • Brainstorm your intentions and track your time
  • Send us your tracking data & take our Unique Qualifier assessment
  • Receive an Analysis and Action Plan to reclaim your time
  • Finalize your intentions and decide how to tackle your Action Plan

Here's what our clients are saying

Ann Handley

"To say that DPM offers executive 'support' feels lackluster, because it doesn't go far enough to describe the depth and breadth of how much more capable you'll feel with them by your side. They're easy to work with, reliable, and (best of all) fun people who feel as vested in your success as you are."

Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

Jay Baer

"Asking Jess Tyson to join the team has proven to be one the best decisions I've ever made. She and her team at Don't Panic Management are sharp, fast, fun, and 10,000% reliable. My company is now one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the U.S., and DPM is a big reason why."
Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

Martin Jones

"I often say that today's marketer must be more than just a good marketer—they must also be a good writer, publisher, their own PR department, influencer, analyst, graphic artist, presenter and more. The great thing about working with Don't Panic Mgmt has been that Jess and the team are willing to wear any one of these hats if and when needed. Thankful to have the opportunity to work with you."

Martin Jones, Cox Communications

Deirdre Breakenridge

"I didn't realize how many more hours I had in a day for strategy and business development, until I started working with Don't Panic Management. With Jess and the Don't Panic team, I can concentrate on growing my business and making my clients happy. At the same time, they keep me organized and focused on what I do best. Thank you for making my work days much more productive!"

Deirdre Breakenridge, Pure Performance Communications

Ready for a VA? Here's an idea of what our ongoing services cost per month.

If you know what you can delegate and are ready to jump straight in the deep end, We'd love to add you to our roster of amazing clients!

Content Creation

  • We'll either do our own research or interview someone from your team to create four (4) custom 750-1000 word blog posts that positively position you and your team for thought leadership in your industry. We'll learn your tone, message, and voice over time and allow the light to shine on your unique positioning.
  • 4,000 words per month

Marketing Assistant

  • We'll set up or take over the management of your monthly content calendar, either in a spreadsheet or an online tool. We'll proofread and load your articles into your publishing platform of choice, add a stock photo or provided image, input external links, and optimize for SEO best practices.
  • Starting at 5 hours per week

Virtual Assistant

  • We've all missed an appointment or gotten stuck at the airport, but having a dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy assistant in your corner can help quell the fears of missing an email or important appointment. We can also do research, handle bookkeeping, and much, much more to keep you productive and organized.
  • Starting at 5 hours per week

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