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Creating a kinder workplace

How to Promote Emotional Wellbeing on Your Team

Work/life balance has been an HR buzzword for years, but the pandemic made it abundantly clear that we always bring our lives to work. So if we’re struggling in “real life,” that struggle will persist for our work selves. One positive to come from the pain of the past year and a half is that…


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why storytelling matters for your business

Why Storytelling Matters For Your Business

Becca Euliss: master colorer, belly laugher, preschool dropout There’s a photo of me trapped somewhere in...
5 must-have elements for every speaking pitch

5 Must-Have Elements for Every Speaking Engagement Pitch

"What do you mean I only have one sheet to convince you to listen?" That’s what happens when you pitch...
how to build a social media calendar

How to Build a Social Media Editorial Calendar

When considering your social media planning process, I like to keep the "measure twice, cut once" metaphor in mind. While...