April Playlist – Rainy Days and Mondays

April Playlist rainy days and mondays

Winter weather in New York isn’t more brutal than, say, in Minnesota – but there is something uniquely tormenting about those four months of severe winds and snow in the Big Apple.

Walking is a major part of commuting in the city, and horrible weather certainly doesn’t make things more enjoyable. Combine that with the pint-sized apartment you’ll be trapped in all season, and it’s no wonder seasonal affective disorder is plaguing us all.

But have you ever experienced spring in New York City? It’s a magical, one-of-a-kind phenomenon. That first day the temperature breaks 60º and a nice warm rain falls, you know that sunshine is right around the corner. The rain will wash away those winter blues and the town will come alive.

You’ll be able to eat your lunch on a bench outside (if you take a lunch break, and really you should). The lawns in the park will turn green and open for the public. Days will be longer; you can treat yourself to a cocktail on an outdoor patio. And – you’ve been taking this one for granted, suburbanites – carrying your groceries home will no longer be literally treacherous.

And so, this one goes out to you, April showers. Thank you for abolishing the long winter nights and ushering in a new spring season.

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