Meet our skilled team of fabulous assistants.

Our Assistants

Our eclectic crew comes from all across the U.S. We've worked in agencies, sat across the table from powerful executives, and been in the trenches solving tough business problems. We're chefs, actors, parents, fitness enthusiasts, plant-lovers, and coffee aficionados. One thing we all have in common? Our dedication to doing great work that we can be proud of. We work hard, play hard, and know that when we give our best, everyone around us benefits.

Meredith Wood

"The Don't Panic team has made my life easier as they've adopted our extremely specialized subject matter and excelled at producing high-quality, thoughtful content that is often a struggle for many freelance writers. The best part about working with DPM is not having to worry for a second about the quality of the work. Time and time again, it's so top-notch, it exceeds my expectations."

Meredith Wood, Fundera


"The best part about working with Don’t Panic Management is the level of professionalism, structure, and they keep me on point. Sure they save me loads of time by tackling some of the tasks I wouldn’t have time for otherwise, but they also hold me accountable."

Beth Cochran, Wired PR

park howell

"For me, Don't Panic Management is always the calm, clear voice in the midst of the storm; that's when they weren't keeping the storm at bay, which was most of the time. They helped make the launch of my podcast epic. Thank you!"

Park Howell, Business of Story

Nick Cicero square headshot

"I can't say enough how amazing my assistant and all of the DPM employees are. Their service has helped us in so many ways, I can't begin to count. Consider us a success story for sure!"
Nick Cicero, Delmondo

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