Our virtual assistants take care of the details so you can get back to calm.

Don't Panic is the new definition of "virtual assistant."

We love to be behind the scenes looking for ways to solve problems. We’re the helpers. The doers. The people who don’t mind digging in the dirt with their bare hands to make sure the seeds are properly sowed.

We started this business because we care about other people’s successes. Because we’re driven to make a difference. And because we know that scaling your business while living a life you love doesn’t happen when you try to go it alone.

We save you time because we already know how to

Too often, people who call themselves virtual assistants are really just unskilled freelancers trying to make a buck. They misrepresent their skills and cause unnecessary headaches for those who hire them.

Not this crew.

We come from corporate and agency backgrounds and have professional experience as executive assistants, marketing coordinators, and project managers. We’re all based in the United States and have a college education. We’ve been highly vetted and trained, put through a rigorous hiring process, and taken more personality tests than we care to admit.

We want everyone we work with to find a way to live a life they love. It's our job to protect your time so that you can focus on what matters most.

Our Values

Be Humble

Serve without ego.

Be Neighborly

Provide help with a light and open heart.

Be Proactive

Take initiative.

Be Reliable

Always ask questions and deliver work on time.

Be Communicative

Share in an open and honest way.

Be Curious

Seek opportunities to learn and grow.


"The best part about working with Don't Panic is their commitment to helping you find the best way to utilize their services, with the goal of helping you maximize on your level of productivity. The way the Don't Panic team is structured and their willingness to explore different ways of working together has been a value-add to my company and my time as a busy entrepreneur."

Melissa Agnes, Crisis Ready Institute

Matt Gartland

"Don’t Panic Management is a lifesaver for an agency owner with a growing business (like me). I need professional, reliable folks to make important workflows for my clients run smoothly. Most importantly, I need people I can depend on to figure things out and deliver high-quality results on time. There are a lot of things I still worry about in business, but I don’t worry at all about the responsibilities I’ve delegated to DPM. I happily pay their invoice first every month as it’s an amazing investment in my business operations, client happiness, and personal peace of mind."

Matt Gartland, Winning Edits

Jess Tyson, CEO & Director of Calm

Jess is the founder and proud Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management. (And yes, she invented that title because that’s what you do when you’re the boss!) She wrote the book on how building a successful relationship with a virtual assistant can make all the difference in helping business owners get to the next level. Her life is often a whirlwind of wrangling her toddler, speaking at conferences (virtual and beyond!), researching productivity hacks, and meticulously making matches between overworked entrepreneurs and focused virtual assistants. Jess's first book, Panic Proof: How the Right Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Sanity and Grow Your Business is available now: panicproofbook.com

  • Current location: Redding, CT
  • Go-to Karaoke song: “Hand in My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette
  • Favorite kind of cheese: Aged Goat Gouda
  • Beverage of choice: Champagne
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Superpower: Delivering miracles, especially when all hope is lost.

Hannah Kahn, Chief People Officer

Hannah is energetic, upbeat, and always down for a laugh. With experience in insurance, financial planning, business development, and social media, Hannah has collected a variety of useful experiences that have made her both efficient and bursting with new ideas for taking your business to the next level! When she isn't checking things off her to-do list, she's a joystick-wielding, kitchen-dancing home chef with two small dogs and a passion for true crime podcasts and mystery novels.

  • Current location: Columbus, OH
  • Go-to Karaoke song: "Fancy" by Reba McEntire
  • Favorite kind of cheese: Smoked Gouda
  • Beverage of choice: Coffee in the AM, Chianti in the PM
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Superpower: Super-human visibility and time management skills.

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"Don't Panic Management is a great solution for us when we need a reliable content marketing partner. The team is organized, timely, and delivers at each stage of the content development process."

Ellen Jantsch, Tuff Agency


Working with DPM is as seamless as having another team member. Our assistant acted as an extension of our team and really put in work and effort to craft a voice that fit our brand.
Vincenzo Landino, Aftermarq

Deirdre Breakenridge

"I didn't realize how many more hours I had in a day for strategy and business development, until I started working with Don't Panic Management. With Jess and the Don't Panic team, I can concentrate on growing my business and making my clients happy. At the same time, they keep me organized and focused on what I do best. Thank you for making my work days much more productive!"

Deirdre Breakenridge, Pure Performance Communications

Angela Maiers

"Don't Panic frees us to do what we do best. They constantly work behind the scenes to make our work more effective and efficient, giving us the peace of mind that is necessary to juggle the various facets of our business. With Don't Panic's help, we've been able to expand our reach and increase the impact to our partners. DPM isn't just a sidekick—they're an outright superhero!"

Angela Maiers, Choose2Matter

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