À la Carte Services

For those one-off projects that need an extra set of hands.

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We get it!

Your priorities have shifted. You're pivoting how you run your business, manage clients, and get sh*t done.

Or, maybe you've already made the changes your business needs, but want an extra pair of hands to help tie up any loose ends and keep you on track.

Similarly, as a business itself, Don't Panic Management has pivoted our payment structures to meet these new demands. At the core of everything we do, the central question is, "How can we help?"

The answer?

5-hour service packages, where you can get the help you need right now from the best virtual assistants around.

What can a VA do in 5 hours?

So glad you asked!

Wrangle inboxes, calendars, and to-do lists!

Start using your tools, instead of letting your tools use you.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Let's grow your leads and contact lists.

Podcast Management

Need someone to help manage your guests? You already know we have a template for that!


Have a new idea, but don't have time to flesh it out? We're here for that.

Email Marketing

We're here to help you manage your audience, draft copy, design emails, and get your message out there!

Audio Editing

Let us handle reducing background noise, getting rid of those pesky "ums" and "uhs", and adjusting all those levels.

Content Creation & Management

From social media and blogs to websites, we know how to make words work.

Virtual Events

Our team can handle anything from the technical set up to live support during your virtual event.

Video Editing

Ready to give your audience a face to match the voice? So are we!


5 Hour Package

  • 20-minute consultation with Don't Panic to understand your goals and match you with the right VA.
  • Optional dedicated Slack channel for you and your VA to communicate.
  • Virtual high fives and unparalleled support all around!
  • You'll be taken to a checkout page. Once your purchase is completed, you'll be asked to book your 20-minute consultation with us!


 If you have more questions, visit our FAQ or reach out.