5 Event Planning Tasks You Can Delegate to a VA

5 event planning tasks to delegate

Once upon a time, in the beautiful world of virtual assisting, I was given the task of planning the most unforgettable company holiday party. My client wanted to create an experience for his team that they would never forget and I certainly did not want to disappoint. So I grabbed my laptop and my phone, and with a cup of joe in hand, I embarked on this lovely event planning adventure.

A few hours later I realized that the possibilities really were endless. I had a range of options to present including group helicopter rides, private rooftop dining, trapeze lessons, and everything in between.

I know it can be difficult at the beginning of the event planning process to decide what tasks are bests to hand off to your team when you want to make sure everything is executed the way you would do it yourself. Ultimately, our goal as VAs is to make life easier and more efficient for our clients, and the event planning process is no exception.

Here are some tasks that you can hand off to your VA to make your next event planning experience a little less hectic.

1. Brainstorm With Your VA

As always, it’s important to remember that although your VA can do a lot, they can not read minds! Set aside a time to talk to your VA about your event and explain exactly what it is you envision. Here are some key topics to cover during your meeting.

  • What is the purpose of this event?
  • Is this the first time the event is taking place?
  • Who are the guests?
  • What is the budget?
  • Are there any constraints? (location, food type, etc.)

2. Schedule the Event

This might sound pretty simple but locking down one date where your entire team is free for a gathering might make you want to pull your hair out. Give your VA your top 3 choices of dates and let them handle the rest. They can take communication with guests off of your plate and can poll the attendees to determine the perfect time and date.

3. Research Venues

The reality is that you are busy, and that’s ok! Your VA can make all the phone calls and research multiple venue options to make sure that your experience is one that you will never forget. Whether you envision a quiet dinner in a private dining room, a catered lunch at the office, or trapeze lessons, your VA can get all the details and save you from having to make those phone calls and send those emails.

4. Contracts & Contacts

Once all of the details are set in stone, your VA can be the main event contact. Allowing them to handle event questions, RSVPs, and vendor communications will free up your time and allow you to focus on work.

Your VA can also take care of obtaining and reviewing the event contracts and can ensure that no detail was forgotten.

5. Start Event Planning for Next Year!

Take time after the event is over to debrief. What did you like, or what would you prefer to be done differently moving forward?

It’s never too early to plan ahead. If you decide that you want this event to become a new annual tradition, your VA can make you a start-to-finish event planning guide that will make next year’s planning a breeze.

Whether you are planning a small company dinner or hosting a large event, having a VA at your side will be sure to keep you sane.

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